Shackle with a concave

Hi guys, I am trying to make a shackle with a concave on its top edge and I can’t sharpen this two vertices when using Solidify modifier.

If I add loop cuts to sharpen it, it will also sharpen the edge, which is not what I want.

What can I do to sharpen these two vertices?

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Is that what you wanted?

I kept quads on the concave. You don’t have to.

Got rid of the bevel mod. So much subdiv softens the edges anyway.
Selected all and inset a fraction making the edge support loops.


Thank you!!! I followed your advice and now the shackle is much better; the corner is sharper now.

But If I look closely, it has an artifact right under the corner. What can I do to fix that?

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You can also BEVEL a vertex.

Many ways to solve this with pro’s and con’s.


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