Setting Up Our Enemy Blueprint

Weird question but wanted to ask it anyway. I wanted to test out the enemy blueprint by first using it as a player. So I changed the class setting to BP_ThirdPersonCharacter and auto possessed it and added it into the world.

However, there is no movement or mouse movement happening within the scene even though i inherited from third person class setting. I wanted to ask why that is. Shouldn’t I be able to move as the player regardless because I inhertied from the class setting?

Weirdly enough it worked after I imported all the blueprint code from the third person character screen into the enemy blueprint.

But I didn’t have to do that with my main player and changing the class setting was enough.

This feels like an inconsistency within Unreal

I asked a similar question regarding this in the making our character walk part and I just wanted to ask here if there’s some steps I’m missing or anything.

It sometimes works and sometimes doesnt.

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