Setdestination method error

During my “add zombies” exercise for the zombie runner section, I have encountered this error “SetDestination” can only be called on an active agent that has been placed on a NavMesh.
UnityEngine.AI.NavMeshAgent: SetDestination(Vector3)" I did everything as said but as my enemy is about to die this happens.
what should I do?


Have you already tried to rebake the navmesh? Are there any other error messages in your console?

I have rebaked the navmesh multiple times and there are no other errors in my logs other than this one, and the funny thing is if I kill the enemy with one shot before it moves everything is ok but as it starts moving and I kill him during walking the error happens but sometimes when I one-shot him during chasing no error pups up, so weird

This sounds as if there might be a problem with the execution order. The execution order in Unity is arbitrary. Since you mentioned that the issue sometimes does not occur when you one-shot the enemy, I would suggest to add Debug.Logs to your code.

If you destroy the enemy with Destroy, disable the enemy with {reference to enemy GameObject}.SetActive(false); because Destroy does not destroy immediately.

If you placed the zombie manually, move it a bit up, so it floats a few “pixels” above the navmesh. Maybe it is currently stuck inside the mesh.

Thanks, I’ll try and inform you the results

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