Set\Get initial rotation

I don’t see difference between connecting the set directly to the rotation combiner or
creating a “get” variable node and then connect.

Please clarify if i`m wrong .

thank you.


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No difference at all.

Master Ben said something else in the video :slight_smile:

I understand why. It seems like it shouldn’t work but it does.

I think that happens because one calls the other? The Get Initial Rotation calls the variable?

If you look at the tooltip, it explicitly states that you can use the same node instead of a separate Get Variable node. It’s probably not as flexible though, and if you wanted to use the variable in multiple places you still need to add more Get Variable nodes.

I think that the reason the Getters exist is so you don’t have to drag hundreds of crossing lines throughout the blueprint from this initial SET node.
But the result will be the same :slight_smile:

when you execute SetActorRotation and all another function - he gets current value of variables, no matter where is you set it or get and etc. only current value in this time execution. that you can easily check for example generating and output random values - only values on this time of execution.

flow of execution have time and order, but variables aren’t . there are depending of the time flow execution (first exec - super Begin Play, second OnOpen).

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