Set colorRamp colors?

I have my colorRamp node, i want that instead of having a simple color as an output, having a more complex color, for example, setting from a procedural texture the colorRamp second color

Can you show a screenshot of the material setup?

or maybe this wil help

Something like this, instead of having that simple yellow color i want to have that noise texture(i put a reroute node to give it a little detail)

Look at my example.

Might it be due to your colour ramp being set to linear, FedPete’s set to Constant? You get black ‘or’ yellow, he gets a variation between. Is that the issue you are getting at?

Actually @NP5, FedPete’s is set to Linear, and notRealName’s is set to Constant.

I played with FedPete’s setup last night, and this is what I rendered, though I’m still playing in 2.79, so the nodes aren’t exactly the same, and I did rotate the sphere until I got enough of the colors to show up.

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Ugh, :man_facepalming:t3:

Ok other way round. They were different, I noticed.

No problem. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same thing. :grinning:

:rofl: I have the senility excuse at least to use. :older_man:t3:

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Oh let’s not start talking about age, as I’m sure I’d probably top the list around here. :laughing:

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One thing to consider is that there is no need to limit yourself to 2 colors. you can add as many color-stops to the color ramp as you want and arrange them to suit your own aesthetic.


Nicely done @Capricas_Kirito, I hadn’t thought of trying that. Hmmm, now to see how it looks on my sphere. Hmmmm . . . :wink:

The less then does the switch (trick). Changing then one will add more vonoroi tiles to the orange shader.
You can add also a greater then, to make a upper-lower filter. Targeting a specif colour (position on the ramp) as requested.

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Yes, but the original question was. How can I make a specific color range (say CYAN) to be a random color, or part of a differerent shader. (That’s what I understood)

It’s fun working with these material nodes, but it also reminds me of chemistry lessons. Mixing A with B and voila something magical happens. Never understood why … :wink:

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I wouldnt count on it :slight_smile:

I’ll take my chances on that bet. :wink:

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