Seems to be resolved in 4.15

I’m using 4.15 and don’t seem to get this issue at all. I did get it in a previous version.

I am on 4.15 and I don’t get it loading from my BattleGround level, but try starting from the MainMenu level we created, then pressing your ‘Start’ button. My AI tanks all launch themselves into the air only under that circumstance!

(Edit: Just got to lecture 149 and they start talking about fixing that now)

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I Have that same behavior as @Brownie is saying. I tried some collision fixes Ben explained, but I still have that behavior. I’m happy to hear we talk about that in 149, but I wanted also to mention that I packaged the game and I did not have that behavior. So this bug (if it’s really one) seems to be related to the editor, but the game should run fine with all hopes.

I have the same behavior as Nicolas. Hopefully they fix it in 149.

I don’t see this bug in 4.16

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