Section1 Final Challenge: Castle

I’m fairly happy with this. The mountains are simply rotated plains, and the sky is also fake. I forget to check how it looked in cycles before I did the cycles render, and when it was finished I realized that the ground is reflective. Oh well, I’ll call it a stylistic choice.




Very nicely done.

Despite sticking to a stylistically simple design the scene has quite a bit of detail. It also has a strong composition. The repetition of the triangular and conical forms ties the trees, mountains and steeples together and the contrast of the orange (brown) and green adds quite a bit of interest. Cool.


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Thanks a lot! I’m actually a graphic design student, so I put some thought into the composition, so I really appreciate the complement! We all know about the rule of thirds, but I started noticing a lot of really good pictures that seemed to be divided into half. this is probably technically a way of using the rule of thirds, but I started thinking about it as the “rule of halfs” and I think it works fairly well.

To be honest, I think of the “rule of thirds” as an easy way to get a good composition. When you use it, the composition almost comes naturally. That’s why the rule exists. Any other composition is certainly possible. As I said though, it may not be as easy.

Centered compositions are particularly tricky, but well worth conquering. Keep up the great work.


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