Section Three - Project Boost design thingy

Hi again!
So, I finally did the first assignment for section 3. The name for the project will be Forsazh - booster in Russian - and the theme is generally “Soviet fever-dream”. For the player object, I haven’t decided yet, but I definitely want it to be one of those R-7 rocket variants:

Tell me what do you prefer - the good old Voskhod launcher with the lighter colour scheme, or perhaps the more arrow-like Soyuz launcher with the more robust upper stages and the metallic finish? Maybe I could implement them both via a potential future levelling system?

Now, for the obstacles, I’d like to use those post-Soviet, imposing blocks that we see all-to-often in Eastern Europe. With some more colour variation perhaps, haha!

So, what do you guys think? Cheers in any case!

The colour schemes for the rockets are entirely improvised and the precise textures will be subject to change. Whenever I get around to learning Blender again, lol!
Oh, and yeah, the holes in R-7 rockets’ fairings were there as an abort system. I just made them into windows because why not?

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Whoa this is incredible

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