Section one final challenge

Eevee render

cycles render

I had to stop adding objects because there’s so much intersecting mesh and n-gones that it would be easier to start over than it is to fix it. At least I think so.

looking forward for the next challenges.


Nice room, on to the next challenge you can always redo it afresh with more skills learnt later.

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Very well done for the first challenge! I especially like how most of the colors fit together well!


Yes, I already see it would have been much easier to make this after watching the first lessons of the second section. gonna try to stick to the prompts more closely from now on…but its so tempting to start experimenting.
thanks for the feedback

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This is outstanding! Very realistic looking. I am very curious how you made the umbrella

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Hey, thanks.
Already forgot how I made it, but I believe it was with a cone, erase the bottom and the grab some of those vertex and pull them down and scale them inwards.

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