Section 7 unclear instructions in challenge

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I found the instructions in the challenge a little unclear. I was under the impression that the challenge was to make up walls and doors with the blocks we’d already created, not create new ones. Maybe that was just me being thick (or tired at 0400hrs).

I was very pleased to find that the challenge was actually a lot easier than I had feared.

Goal is to work with low poly objects. Creating a complex scene. Than later on, those low poly block are replaced by hiph poly (detailed) ones. It speeds up the process of designing AND redesigning. Because those object are exchangeable.

I like this way of working, it’s complex at first. But also part of working in teams.

Don’t give up. It’s just learning different aspects of 3D modeling.


I agree that it is a very good way of working. My point was simply that the way Michael worded the challenge didn’t seem clear to me. Obviously, as soon as I saw the solution I completely understood but I like to figure things out ahead of seeing the solution.


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