Section 7 Lesson 199 - 2.78c Version difference


I notice a difference from what shown in the lesson. The displacement option (true… both… whatever) is not there anymore. I would assume there has been a modification from the version 2.76 used for the course. In fact I seem to remember to have read some about it somewhere.

Moreover, on 2.78c now the displacement effect is visible also on textured mode. Not only on rendered mode. Did I miss some somewhere?

Here’s a screen shot

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Hi Giovanni_Minozzi,

Did you remember to turn on the experimental feature set? This can be done on: properties editor -> render -> feature set.
Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

Hi Jax,

yes I did.

The option has been moved in Blender 2.78 from where it was in the version used for the video (2.76 if I remember correctly).

as you can see, it now appears under “Settings” on the “Materials Tab”


Yes. I was looking for that in this lesson, and I found it also in the Materials/settings section. Now it appears that the lesson number is 200, because lesson 13 was added just now.

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