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So I tried making the illusion of detail in my model of a medieval house. I could not achieve realism unfortunately. I also think I did an okay job on the texturing illusion. Needs a lot of work.

This is how most of my image textures look like. Two images (same image) texture coordinate for the image for the bump map, I also tried noise texture. I could not see the difference much in noise texture so I switched to image textures which I could see. I am changing the wall texture for sure it looks to repetitive and going to change the nodes once I figure out how to achieve better fake detail.


Hi Lance_Mendoza,

It looks great! One suggestion though to improve the quality of your materials as I think the scale of the textures is a bit too large to be realistic: try to add vector -> mapping node before your texture nodes. This makes it possible to scale the texture either smaller or bigger. The problem is though if you don’t have tileable texture (and even then) it could become repetitive, but there are other solutions for that problem.

Something like this:

Play with the scale (x,y,z) and you will see what I mean :slight_smile:

Other than that this node setup is completely useless since it do not have normal map, specular map and any other needed nodes.

Cheers, Jax

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