Section 7 lecture 188

The floor are comprised of smart Uv Unwraps. Since the floor panels are still proxy CTRL, L did the trick of repetition, in any cases I just added the texture plus the smart unwrap.

Still working on those Fireflys!

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add some environmental lighting (turn the background outside white) and then add some light portals on your windows. One trick I’ve been using is to turn some materials into a low level emmission source.

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I added the environment light (lighter gray) next to white(Pure white is to bright it hurts my eyes)) it does make it a lot better than the boring gray. I added a bunch of light bulbs to my chandelier though I think low level candle tops would have been better for less objects on the scene going with that next. The light portals is the challenge I have to figure out why I cannot change my rotational direction of the light portals on this particular house scene model (the yellow dotted lines are pointing down.
Going to add a newer picture once I figure out why the light portals are not rotating.

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