Section 6: Manual Retopo

Everyone is doin’ it I guess I should give it a try.

Retopo Front View

Retopo 3/4 Front View

Retopo Side View

Retopo 3/4 Back View

Retopo Back View

This was harder than I thought it was gonna be, but I learned a lot. I came in under 10k tris with a final count of 7,410 this gives me a lot of room to add more detail.

The biggest take away from this project was how I need to plan out more during my blocking out and sculpting phase. My ogre doesn’t really have a neck and all the weird liberties I took with his anatomy on the fly, like trying to mix some gorilla in there, came back to bite me hard.

What I like is that I came in under my cap and that his butt now looks like two turtle shells.

I am also going to do an automatic retop to see how they both compare I have a feeling automatic is going to crush my novice attempt out the gate but whatever this whole thing is a learning process right.


I see really good (professional) topology on the knees and elbows. Great stuff going on there!!

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Really, thanks I took a couple days and read up on some blogs, watched some videos, and studied models and their importance on joints. The hands are a mess that I plan to sort out if I need to but I was really worried about the joints.

I use these …

Have fun!


Thanks a bunch!