Section 5: Testing Grounds is coming

We have a pretty good concept for the next section coming together, which incorporates all the top 10 things you voted for.


A hunger-games style FPS where the objective is to move through a series of landscapes, with forcefields between them. The idea is to make it to the highest testing ground possible before dying.


You pass an area by getting to the other end undetected, or if you get detected then by killing all the enemies in the area. Enemies can take cover, and have to seek ammo from pickups or dead bodies just like you do. You lose by dying, and go back to the last checkpoint. You win by getting to the highest testing ground possible.


  • Testing ground landscape(s), or procedural generation.
  • Tank, AutoMortar and AI animated character.
  • 2 guns, and two ammo box types.
  • Various SFX, probably samples from Gamemaster Audio.
  • Other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

We’re thinking of calling it Testing Grounds.

What do you think?


I would absolutely LOVE procedural terrain. Seriously good idea to cover this.

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This sounds like we are gonna be learning a lot of functionality! Thank you Ben!

Sounds really good! Looking forward to it!

Sounds awesome and looks like a lot of great aspects will be covered. Thanks Ben

Love, sounds like it will be outdoors. I still have to finish the battle tanks, but will this include more advanced landscape design

The thing that REALLY intrigues me is the procedural terrain part.
I would love to learn how procedural-anything works in unreal, so i cant wait for this one.

Sounds Cool! Would love to make this!

Sounds awesome! Would love to have a big topic on procedural generation =)

There will certainly be some, been working on it today per this Facebook post.

Hi Ben, a thought just came across my mind. Would it be difficult to make the AI adapt to the players actions?? Example so the AI will gather information about the players actions, decisions, movements etc. and having analyzed it, the AI will come up with counter-actions and unique tactics against the player. So the more you play, the more experienced the AI becomes. Regards Philip

There will be some basic response to our actions coming, yes :slight_smile:

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