Section 5 Lecture 99 Challenge Complete

Finished this challenge. My computer is VERY slow though, so my rendering times were quite long, and I discovered that the estimate times were very inaccurate on my computer. Because of this, I have only recorded 2 render times for my CPU, because my computer won’t let me use my GPU for rendering. In fact, it wouldn’t let me install the driver update stuff because it wasn’t compatible with my computer. Rendering the simple cube took 23 seconds in cycles! I also have to stick to an older version of Blender (Version 2.74) because when I update it, it opens and crashes immediately because of my computer’s outdated graphics card, or something like that. However, I will be buying a new (better) computer in about 2-3 weeks, so this soon won’t be a problem anymore, and I will redo this challenge then. Anyway, here are the render times at the moment with my CPU rendering the images.

124x124: 1h 10m 39s
16x16: 1h 9m 25s

PS. I did make sure that I had no other tabs open (I even closed the udemy) so it wuld go as fast as possible.

What is your computers spec?

Here are my computer’s specs:

Here are my new computer’s specs (assuming it’s the one I get):

That explains the slow render time!
Rendering is a very intensive process for a computer to do- in fact, it will max out ANY CPU/GPU.

Your current lack of RAM won’t help either with the overall speed of your PC.

I have had a quick search around and cannot see any Blender benchmarks.

I reckon looking at the specs, this new computer would be around 10x faster with a rendering time around 10mins.

If you want even faster rendering times I would recommend Intel’s i7 quad core chips.

Old Xeons also get a lot of bang for your buck if you shop around and are comfortable building your own PC

I have my new computer now! Once I have finished installing all the programs I need, I will redo the render times challenge with my new computer. Here are the specs:

Ps. The computer I got was not the one I showed in the picture above. In fact, it was the computer beside it!

I am so exited to now be using Blender and Unity with this new computer.

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