Section 5-Lecture 128-Wrap Up- My Finished Lamp & Farm Table

LOL I didn’t do so well with the animation of the lamp so sorta didn’t complete that portion, although my lamp is rigged and moving correctly. I will come back at another time when I am less frustrated and redo the lesson for the animation skills portion at some point. Right now, I am more interested in learning about Blender and what you can do with along with HOW to model things. Sometimes, you just have to move along and not get bogged down in minutia.

But, Michael made a good point in the wrap up about trying to help others and to share other projects you may be working on so thought I would share my farm table I made for another venture using some of the skills I learned here.

I think the table turned out nicely but am really disappointed in the texturing of the table. This was rendered in Cycles and other than limping along to add the texture node, I am at a loss how to scale it. You can see the difference how the table textured in Blender vs in-world gaming asset.

Cycles Render

In-World Snap Shot

I do hope this course spends more time later on using actual textures in cycles rather than just colors and shading.

Happy Creating Everyone!


Nice wear and tear texture.

I like the distressed grungy look! You will often see me use them for stuff I create. While this particular texture is not mine, I usually try to create my own textures in using Photoshop. Thanks, FedPete! I am glad you liked it!