Section 5 - A Couple Lamp Renders


I posted these to Udemy last night but I thought the forum could use some love.


Very cool, thanks for sharing.


Why not try uploading to Sketchfab and embedding? Instructions on this showcase category.


I’ll give it a shot!


Let us know if you need any help


Cool, thanks for the video. Would you mind posting it as a new thread


i thought that this was just for the lamp renders. sure i will create a new thread for the video. should i remove the video from here?


Yes please, just because it’s Elijah’s thread. Can’t wait to see the responses you get on yours, good work


Elijah the renders look amazing. great job.


Sort of reminds me of the Pixar lamp. Got to love the blender monkey!


Thank you! I’m really excited for the animating bit that’s coming up.


That’s likely because I used it for reference! The two things I took away:

  • The radius of the lamp head is almost the same as the lamp base so I tried to emulate that (I had to size up the original head).
  • The lower arm is shorter than the upper one
ingvars1 uploaded this image to

Someone else over on Udemy actually modelled the whole thing which was really cool to see.

And agreed, Suzanne’s great!