Section 4: Need help. Bevel at the base of the cylinder not working as expected

Hi Team,

I am on section 4 video 68 trying to model the base of the pawn. I am stuck on beveling the base of cylinder. Instead of beveling in the z direction it bevels in x and y direction like below:

Another view to show you what’s happening:

Am able to bevel all other edge loops. Only the bottom edge loop of the cylinder is behaving this way. not sure what’s going on. I have confirmed I don’t have any double vertex.

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Yes dead give away those radial lines not in line where they ough to be joining at a vertex.

thanks for pointing this out. am still unclear on how to fix it and why were these hidden edges created. Were these because of something I forgot to undo after beveling or accidentally deleted some edge cut loops instead of dissolving them ?

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Very hard to tell how they came about. Check wireframe view now and again, you can often then spot these things, as in what is that loop inside there! Where did it come from?

I would delete all that currently connects the two loops you want to be joined directly, and then select both and ‘bridge edge loops’.


Most accidents happen with the EXTRUDE command e.

When pressed a duplicate has been made.
If you move the mouse you see your error (dragging the duplication).
But if you don’t do that and click or even press ‘esc’-key to cancel.
It is too late. The duplication still exists and an artifact is created to haunt you later …

You can dissolve loops (some sort of delete but mesh logic stays in tact).

Or delete manually and create connections (faces edges) by hand.
It tough, it’s annoying but you learned something at least.

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