Section 3 Lecture 44 Challenge Complete

Primitive-|—Planes Of Symmetry–|------Examples
Cube-----|---------------3--------------|–Head, car, smartphone
Cylinder-|----------------2-------------|–Beer bottle, Christmas tree, lampshade
Sphere–|-----------------1------------|–Lemon, apple, rugby ball

For some reason, it cuts off extra spaces in posts, so I had to get creative with the table.

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Here is my choice of primitives.
Head - UV Sphere
Car - Cube
Smartphone - Cube
Beer bottle - Cylinder
Cgristmass Tree - Cone
Lampshade - in most cases- Cylinder)
Rugby Ball - UV Sphere
Lemon - UV Sphere
Apple - UV Sphere

Because it default to HTML and with HTML you have to tell it you want a space.At least thats what it would seem to my knowledge. Not that that is relavent to blender at all lol.

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