Section 3 Lecture 42 Challenge Complete

This is my completed table for this challenge.

Object---------|–Real Size–|--Scaling----|—BUs
Oil Tanker-----|----400m-----|–DOWN----|—4

For some reason, it cuts off extra spaces in posts, so I had to get creative with the table.

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This is my table :slight_smile:

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Hi, Michael! I think, that the challenge on 3:34 in lection 42 is leading us in wrong way. Let us see: before the challenge you spoke only about a size of objects, looking on cube (which has no details), but the challenge itself is not about the size of the objects, because it really doesn’t matter how many BU’s the ant or the earth are in Blender until you think about the amount of details! But at that time we didn’t here about the role of details in the lection. So, when i started to think how to solve the challenge, i realised, that i have no link between the real measure (meters or etc.) and the BU’s.
It outcame into a thought, that it doesn’t matter, how big is the object in real life. The only thing, that matters in this case is the difference between the size of the smallest detail you want to include in the model and the size of the whlole object. That’s why I didn’t even answer the challange, and continued watching the lection.
Soon i understood, that my assumption was wright. You told us about an amount of details, that influences on our choice of BU’s size of the object. But! I still have in mind real measures, when thinking about choice of BU’s size of object in Blender because you talked about it in the lection whilst it doesn’t affect on our choice at all (as we don’t talk about 3d printing and matchig other models so far).
If we can use sizes between 100 BU and 0.01 BU, then the smallest detail of our ant or the earth must be 100/0.01 = 10 000 times smaller then the main object(a small mountain for the Earth and and a tentacle for the ant). If we want to make visible, for example, the facettes of an eye of our ant, we must make the whole ant as big as the Earth in Blender. Keeping that in mind, I thing that the challenge starting from the real measures makes no sense. Returning to the beginnig of my post, I suggest that the mentioning of the real measures in this lecture at all may cause fundamentional misunderstanding of this topic among the students.
Sorry, Mishael, if i went wrong myself, I’ll be glad to be enlightened, in such case!) Best regards!

In my opinion the challenge has done exactly what it was supposed to do and made us all think about scale and how we would implement it into our projects.

this is not an instruction on how to scale objects in blender, it’s simply a ploy to get you thinking about the best way to scale ‘your’ projects.

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