Section 3 - Bowling scene

I am very excited with new things learnt in the Section 3 so far - it’s really neat! However for some reason I really struggled with it. The bowling ball and all the different ways of adjusting it really makes my head spin! I definitely need to mess with all those features some more. Any ideas, what other objects could be created using similar techniques like with the bowling ball? Thank you!




For the most part the confusing part for the bowling ball is where to select the vertices to get the holes in the right place.
I nearly went cross eyed trying to do it the first time but once you are used to the primitives overtime you get what i call a blender eye and spot them straight away.

You could essentially make the pin from a cylinder and use loop cuts to make it but using the technique we did where is often the quicker method once you are used to it.
The pawn for example in the next section could in theory also be made using the Bezier curve however as you will find then the base of the pieces is not as reusable in that case.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Looking very good.

The sphere is a basic shape and can be used for all manner of things as you will discover as you g through the course.

Right now you could reverse the way the holes go to make them outward spikes. That is a route to an old type of sea mine or a virus particle!


Thank you for your thoughts, guys!