Section 22 - The Dome Challenge (How I do it) for your suggestions

I am herewith mentioning all the steps that I have taken while creating this Dome Tower, for your reviews and suggestions.

Step 1 - Object Mode - X Delete The Cube

Step 2 - Object Mode - Shift A - Mesh - UV Sphere
![Step 2 - Object Mode - Shift A - Mesh - UV Sphere|690x382]

Step 3 - Object Mode - Segments & Rings Adjustment

Step 4 - Edit Mode - Side View (3)
Step 4 - Edit Mode - Side View

Step 5 - Edit Mode - Transparent Mode - AA + Shift Drag Left Mouse for bottom selection

Step 6 - Side View - Transparent Mode - Shift + S - Vertices

Step 7 - The Dome

Step 8 - Shift + A - Cylinder - Adjusting Vertices

Step 9 - Cylinder - G + Z -1

Step 10 - Removing Duplicate Vertices - Transparent Mode - Left Mouse Drag select Middle Vertices + M - By Distance

Step 11 - 3 (Side View) G + Z 2

Step 12 - Transparent + Vertex Select Mode - Selecting the Vertices + M - By Distance (Repeat for the remaining three)

Step 13 - The Dome Tower

Eagerly looking forward for suggestions, whether I did get it right.




Step 12, shows an inner face (Disc).
Which should be deleted.

Good solution.

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Well done all fine. I would use wireframe x-ray view when trying to box select all those verts to delete or merge. That might be why you had to do a few separately, they may not have got selected first go.

And as FedPete says get rid of that now internal face that was the top of the cylinder. Can’t recall if it is done in the lecture but you do not want it there.

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Hi Fed,

Thank you so much.

May I earnestly request guiding me how to go about deleting this inner face? This is what I think I have not been able to figure out.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for the trick.

Yes, they didn’t got selected at first go.

Deleting the face is not covered in this segment lecture. I tried Collapse in Face select mode but it didn’t work. it was giving weird shapes.

Please guide me of the steps on that.



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Is this what is being suggested? Please do let me know whether I got it right? and what could be the best possible other methods (shortcuts).

All steps in Edit Mode

Step 14 - Wireframe + Transparent Mode + Face Select Mode - Left Click the Bottom Face. It came out to be the face left earlier

Step 15 - Right Click + Delete Faces. This revealed the second face at the top of the cylinder. Selected it the same way.

Step 16 - Deleted the second face the same way.

Step 17 - The Dome in Wireframe Mode

Step 19 - The Dome Tower_Solid Mode




In wireframe x-ray mode, if you select the mouse selection tool ‘Face’, you can select any face in or out side the mesh. Experiment, Blender is very smart in this. Click front face selected, click again face behind the first one selected.


You got there but as FedPete says you can just ‘go in’ directly in wireframe. Face mode puts a dot at the centre of each face which aids specific face selection.


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