Section 2 Wrap Up

I’m from Sweden, but I study business in Chengdu, China, right now. So to practice what I’ve learned from section 2, I decided to try to model the New Century Global Center in Chengdu. I’ve been there many times, and it’s cool because it is one of the largest buildings in the world (1.75 million square meters).

Now I know this render doesn’t look very impressive but it was actually a real challange for me to build! It was a frustrating process because I’m a beginner, and I constantly felt like there were much better ways of doing things than how I did it (like curving the roof edge by edge, haha).

Anyways, I decided to stop working on this project and move on to section 3 now. I think I reviewed everything except for the array modifier. I’ll use that next time! Here’s my Global Center and some reference pictures I used:


Very nice!

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Thanks mate!

Very good model with a tricky shape to replicate.
One thing that might have made it easier would have been the mirror modifier as you would only need to make one quarter and then mirror on 2 axes.

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Ahh yes, I’ll have to learn how to use that. Thank you!

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Great looking render!

Push through the course, it will be covered.

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Will do!

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A very interesting piece of architecture to say the least, and you’ve done a very good job of it this early in your learning Blender, so well done. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :relaxed:

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