Section 2 - Starting my project

Just start… and i’m working on it


Excellent start!
Model looking great.
Big points for properly attached tiles to battens Almost no one gets that right on the well!

The tiles are though short in length. Personally, I think the beams are exaggeratedly wiggerly, but most glaring to my obsessions is that there it is unlikely anyone would build a stone block wall on top of a wooden beam. Especially as it removes all the basic strength of brick and blocks created by corners. Like when using Lego. There have been timber framed buildings with decorative brick infill, usually updating older plain fill of some wattle and daub like materials. But based on sound timber framing.

Absolutely no need to care about my obsessions as it will pass almost everyone by, when it is all nicely textured and set in an environment.


Working on it…


Very nice fence and cart.

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Time for next lessons…
Some day i will return to that house…

and one with hdri - just for try…


This (the final render) is close to the uncanny valley of photorealism and I love it.

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