Section 2:26: Spider



I made a spider but wasn’t very thrilled with the first couple scenes I created.
FYI, I used some techniques that are not included in this section (Quick Fur, Freestyle, Smooth Shading, Bloom, Edit Mode> Select portion> ‘P’ key> remove selection to separate as own object.).
Here’s the spider model:

Here are some scenes I made:

I don’t care for fur on the spider! Not yet anyway. Does anyone know how to get rid of it once it’s used? Simply deleting the material doesn’t do it.

Anyway, hope you like! =)

APPENDED: Decided to give that last spidey pic decent lighting, stripes, and someone suggested red eyes for it. ; )


The material (as in diffuse-color), defines the hair color!
So you need to delete the hair particles and not the material.
I like your white sample very much, because these are stylized. And don’t reflect to much to a real world spider.
Nice work ans ideas!


Hmm, I went into the particle editor, but couldn’t find anything to delete the hairs. Maybe I missed it?


Maybe you converted the hair and now it’s part of the mesh?


Dunno. All I did was click on the object, and use “Quick Fur” under the Object menu in the upper left of the Layout screen.


As long as you didn’t click “Convert” on the Modiviers tab you should have something similar to this
clicking on the subtract icon will delete the particle system from the spider.


Ahhh, that looks right and easy. I’ll give that a try! Thank you Capricas_Kirito!


Really good:)


Yep, that removed the fur texture! Thanks again Capricas_Kirito! =)


Thank you Paul_Fury. =)