Section 2 - passage

Little scene I made for this section

At first I didn’t want to upload, and to be fair - I even wasn’t too motivated to create anything and wanted to skip to the next section right away. As I had some small previous Blender experience, I thought I don’t really need this exercise that much. But other uploads really inspired me and I was like “Hey! This idea looks fun!” So not only I grabbed some practice , I also had fun and learned new things.
So if you hesitate - just upload your work here not only for your sake, but also for other people that may struggle to find motivation :slight_smile:


Very nice room. A torch that has gone out and tipped over, Good items on the table. And a secret door, passage, to somewhere else!

The more students engage in the community here the more they get from it. Helping others, and learning themselves too.

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