Section 2: Modular Dungeon

Hello lads!

I just finish the Section 2 of the Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners Course on Udemy!

This is my first contact with de software, if someone has a tip to improve it`ll be cool.



I know it needs to be dark. But it’s too dark on my monitor.
You could improve the world light.
While shiny floors and walls are a great effect.
It doesn’t fit a dirty dungeon.
Make shiny things like gold statues, or chests.

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I have to agree with @FedPete as it’s too dark on my monitor as well. I also agree the floors are too shiny for a “dirty” dungeon.

Otherwise, it looks good, so try his suggestion of checking out the world light, and re-post a render for us to see it better.


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