Section 2_Modelling Wrap up / Headphone

step to realism, not know how to put logo image on the model so just model and material.


Wow very impressive :grin:


Thankyou :innocent:

Love the lighting!

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Nice model, and lighting.

The headband in particular needs the edges bevelling. Nothing in real life can be so perfectly sharp cornered, so it is pretty much standard to soften the geometrically perfect model corners with a small bevel.

Mapping on an image logo will become clear after you have done more of the course.


I don’t know bevel still but I will study about that for sure.
Can’t wait to move further now.

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me too :blush:

Wow!! This is incredibly impressive, especially given where you’re at in the course. I don’t think I could do something like this yet. FANTASTIC work!


Thankyou very much :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

I like the white ones - very nice cushiony look to it!

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oh wow, these look really nice. Love the soft lighting!

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that looks awsome!

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Those are some sick clean curves!
And your lighting is on point too.

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