Section - 2 - Lesson 26 - Mid Challenge


It’s a very shiny barn! Nice image, and good colors. There are some issues with the smooth shading, but they’ll be covered later in the course. Good work!


Thank you, Can’t wait for the Realistic texturing section. to be able to texture the wall as wood panels set next to each other with the feel of old and fainted color with some cracks also. I copied this idea from this model but couldn’t make the texture. also the straws couldn’t do it.


Even without texturing, your version has its charm.
I like it the way it went. Good lighting and shadows.
Good project.


Thank you :heart_eyes:

Very well done barn challenge.

The texturing on the one you uses as reference is pretty basic and will soon be cover in the course.

Great job. Keep going through to learn how to do these extra things.

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

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