Section 2 Lecture 26-31 Challenges Complete

The discussions thing only lets me have 1 image per post, and I can’t create a lot of discussions quickly, so I am just going to have 1 discussion with my comments on all the challenges, and the picture for the completed pyramid

Lecture 26

Finished this challenge. I tried to create stairs, but failed horribly with faces and edges going through each other, but want to try doing it with only tools that have been showed in the lectures, even if I know some other other tools (knife tool, subdivide, etc.)

Answer to Lecture 27 Question

I can see how Blender having all of these shortcut keys can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but I agree that they can be quite helpful and can easily increase your workflow once you have gotten used to them, which I sortof have done.

Lecture 28

Finished this challenge. Also added detail to the top. When I tried to make stairs before (as and addition to the lecture 26 challenge), I tried to make stairs a completely different way. I basically tried to make the stairs as a seperate object and then merge points to attach it, but without the loop cut, there wasn’t enough edges to attach to , so it way basically putting 2 objects through each other, which Blender doesn’t seem to like! Now though, I should have more success when I get to the challenge of making the stairs. Properly!

Lecture 29

Finished this challenge. Not much else to say here.

Lecture 30

Finished this challenge. I had to move the bottom floor up a bit so it matched up with everything else.

Lecture 31

Finished this challenge. The snapping tool was being a bit stubborn, but I was able to compete the mayan pyramid!

Great work, you can post more than one image by the way, you can drag and drop them into the text box :slight_smile:

I just tried to edit the post and add the pictures for the other challenges, because I have the screenshots saved on my computer, but I got an message saying that because I’m new, I can only have 1 picture per post. Also, if I am making a lot of posts really fast, it makes me wait an increasing amount of time before posting a new discussion. I don’t really mind having to wait though because I can just save the screenshot and continue the course, and just post when the cool down wears off.

This is what I produced out of the challenge, it was very trial and error and I have a few exported prototypes of this final version.