Section 2 - House of Blue (Mid-Section Challenge)

Hi everyone,

Tried to make some stairs with some mood lighting … and then it became this:
the House of Blue.

~ Daniel





I like the modern feel to it, very cool. Have you tried rendering it in Eevee to see how it will come out?

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I’m curious what is this on top?
Smoke simulation or some texture?

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Thank you :smile:

Didn’t try rendering it in Eevee (as I hadn’t baked indirect lighting before) … but this is how it looks like, so far. Got to still improve it.

Also, all lighting is purely off mesh lights so it’s a lot weaker than I’d like. Especially the side lights. Then, the octagon shape vs the box of the Irradiance Volume probe :see_no_evil:

Aah well… All suggestions welcome!

It’s a texture :grin:

Based off a tutorial on creating lighting effects (I think it’s 2.79 though):

So yeah, a texture in a sphere, and in a cylinder:

The shader is setup as follows:

Note the Mix Shader. I previously had a Volumetric Scatter shader on it, but decided to remove it as it had little effect. Perhaps can add another emission shader that uses a different noise texture.

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Very interesting!

Will watch later! Thanks.

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