Section 10 - Share Progress

I had an interesting time with this section. I have always had a hard time really understanding how particle systems work, but I do understand them more now than before. Enough to use premade ones in my project anyway. I think I might take a particle class next. But I put some effects on my pickups, made the fireball (I used a wand to cast from), and added the trails and hit effects to my arrows.

Making the pickups respawn was actually much more complicated for me since I had already made them saveable objects that saved their state if the player had used them already. I removed that because until I make the character drop the weapon they are holding when they pick up another, I like this delayed-respawn better than just disabling it.

Chapter 10 Demo

Still waiting for those health bars :wink: haha - Next section it is :smiley:

I played your demo. at the start of the game

  • the camera angle and tree/leaves kind of block the first combat moment for a bit.
  • the second combat moment, theres some enemies who attack the player out of the camera view while still fighting the first group
    just though I would point that out, but otherwise its coming along nicely.

I myself am looking forward to the inventory section in part 2 myself, were we pick up items and add them to the inventory (bags). I am just thinking how much more complicated the system might get where items you pick up might be 1 of many things

  • a combat item
  • a currency item
  • a quest item
  • a crafting item
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Thanks for taking time to give me input @Vladimir_Mabhena, I really value the feedback.

I am also anxiously awaiting Part 2 for several pieces. The Inventory and the Questing System are at the top of my wishlist!

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