Section 1 Lesson 15: Final Challenge

So I played around in blender for a while…

I found the Meta balls to be quite interesting.
At the beginning of using mete balls they merge together like one but then for some reason the separated while I was working on them, can anyone explain why the separated?
Or why the ‘plane’ Meta ball doesn’t rotate?

The lighting was a lot of fun to play around with.
I found the plane lights to be very effective rather than the point lights, so I added them as some extras to the model.

It was really an accomplishment to see the final image.
Just makes me more excited for pursuing a career in 3D Animation.

Feedback is welcome.
Any tips for how to pursue a career in animation will also be very much appreciated



It looks really, really cool! Nice work what you did. i’m also a beginner in Blender so I can’t help you with your question.

I love the lightning. As one can see it was done, with much of love :slight_smile:


Thank you Mexine :star_struck:
That’s very encouraging. :hugs:

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the submarine is very nice! The bottom balls that seem to be some kind of sub aquatic flora could be replaced with other geometric elements like conic elements for example using more dark green color, but not this dark blue. Please continue your good work!

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