Section 1 lesson 15 changeling: Work in progress themed shop

This is my first ever blender render. I am trying to build a themed shop as you would see in an amusement park, this is the upper section of the first part of the build.

The finished version (for now) of the project.


Great work, really. Love the details. Cann’t wait to see some texturing on it (less glossy).

Maybe the camera more on the level of a person.

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Thank you!

Cannot but agree. Adding textures instead of colors and rendering in Cycles would improve the realism a lot. The FP camera angle would definitely benefit from the realistic textures, but I think that it would be completely fine to keep it “stylized” like this for e.g. in-game purposes to keep everything (and keep things quicker) in a more simple yet good looking visuals.

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