Section 1 Lesson 15 Challenge: My Little Castle

From every thing i learned form lecture 1 - 15 and my first blender model.
i only used the following commands,


so how do you guys think about my model?


Nice setting with the forest and I like the chosen colors, little detail, you forgot to finish the bricks on the walls at the entrance! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh…my bad.:smile: and thank you for pointing it out.and also thank you for cheering me up.

This is nice! Must of taken long to complete.

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Not Really. But check this out, it took a week to complete :blush:

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Nice looking simple model.

Small Castle design issue. :laughing:

How does that portcullis work?

A faction on the large size, like seven times? How would they raise it, where to, etc.

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How did you make the sky? Is it just a vertical plane or is it a “world” setting in Blender?

It is all our imagination. in this case we can imagine portcullis raise straight up or it work like a modern roller gate. i didn’t put too much rations in this simple model.:blush:

Yes i Changed the background color in world setting. I recommend you to revisit ‘‘Lecture 15’’ for a better understanding .:blush:

Thanks, I remembered being in one of the lectures, I just forgot into which one :grin:. I used a big blue plane, that seemeed to do the trick as well.

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