Section 1 Lesson 15 challenge: Campsite

Here is my work for the open ended challenge! It’s pretty simple but hoping to do more iterations of this theme as the lessons progress and build on each other!

I found myself running into a few hardships while working on this and hope someone here might be able to help:

  1. Is there a way to scale and object proportionately? Having to individually enter 3 difference inputs was kind of a pain and I’m sure there has to be an easier way to scale an object while constraining the proportions by clicking and dragging the handles.

  2. I used meatballs to make the shrubs and linked their material to one of the original meatballs. I then wanted to duplicate a meatball to create a fire on the firewood in the center, but when I changed the material to a new red material the meatballs were still rendering the same green as the shrubs. When I selects “unlink” object, the whole object disappeared. I’m not sure if I am explaining this well, but does anyone perhaps know what I am doing wrong?

*** Edit ***
Added in the fire and decided to make it a night scene - So happy with how this turned out!
I ended up using a UV sphere for the fire and played around a little bit with the sculpting tools. I made the fire material transparent to make it more flame like but I can’t quite figure out why the original UV sphere is appearing inside of the sculpted flame. I’ll have to figure that out next - but if anyone know why please let me know! Thank you! :smiley:

  1. In OBJECT mode, you can use the ‘s’ key to scale proportionally. Use mouse movement to size.
    Use keys s x to scale only on the X-ax
    Use keys s shift X to scale in the X-plane.

  2. There are two type of copying.

A) Duplcation using keys shift D, this makes a copy, but all MESH properties are not shared. Meaning you have a unique new object, which can be changed

B) Linked duplicates, using keys Alt d, do share the same MESH properties (mesh data, colors, etc.) . But not OBJECT scale, position, . So if you change the mesh, texture, all linked object changes too.

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I’m going to read “meta-balls” as “meatballs” forever now, thanks. :+1:


Thank you for the scaling help!

For the duplication issue, though, I was using Shift D to duplicate my metaball but it didn’t inherit the new material I assigned it. I just found the solution though, but I am not sure why it worked. Before, the metaball was named “metaball.053” (the 53rd copy) - I just renamed it to “flame base” and mesh updated to show the new material!

hahaha Oh gosh, I feel silly. I was definitely working on this after already staring at my screen all day for work. I definitely read it as meatballs since they look and act like meatballs would :laughing:

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