Section 1 Lesson 14 Duplication and Lighting Model

My friend loves succulents so I modeled this instead of the well. Wish I knew how to make the leaf color a gradient!


That’s a lovely render!
Nice use of array modifier
Nice and shiny leaves, it seems that you played with edit mode a bit to make them

Doing your own thing is always welcome, as long as you learn something new from the course and get some practice with it (That’s exactly what I was doing)
Welcome to the site!

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Working with more complex matererials will come later in the course but, if you want to play a bit with it try this


Wow, thank you! I’m still fairly new so I will give this a go when I understand it better :smile:


Welcome to this site. A very nice plant.
Might be an idea still to do the well, as different processes are probably involved.

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