Section 1 Lesson 14 Challenge / Lamp Post in the Night Woods

Hi guys,

My name is Andrew and just recently I started taking lessons on blender.
I was a bit worried at first because I felt like I didn’t have the creativity to take on the lessons and make things, but so far I’m glad I pulled through.

Thank you for the lessons thus far, looking forward to doing more lessons! :slight_smile:


Welcome to this site.

A great little scene from basic shapes. Some interesting angles on it too.

Keep on going lots more to go!

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Hi, some students want to be creative. Others need to have content for their games they are building. Or want to create something as detailed as possible for 3D printing. Do the challenges, there is no need to be creative. It’s all about learning Blender and the functions it has.

And if you need a new subject there is always the weekly Blender collab.

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