Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge | some kind of church-mosque

Hi all, this is my first work in Blender.


Looking good! Much better than the one I did.

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Thanks, unfortunately I did this just with stacking and resizing models, I hope to be able to manipulate those a lot more :smile:

You will learn so much through this class. I been dabbling with Blender as a hobbyist for several years, although not doing much with it. I have done the YouTubes tutorials and such but they just didn’t give me as much knowledge or explanation as this class has.

I wish this lecture series would of been available when I first downloaded, installed, opened Blender and got overwhelmed by all the buttons and setting and such…immediately deleting the program. LOL that happened quite a few times actually.

I know you will do well and actually enjoy it at least I have.

Thanks, I figured the course is very useful :slight_smile:. I bought all of their Blender, Unity and Unreal courses as well as some other top Blender courses so I hope to learn a lot and faster than on my own. I’m a web designer with some experience in c++ so I’m hoping to make a carrier change into game development :stuck_out_tongue:

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