Section 1, Lesson 11 - Challenger - Building Pyramids

I looked around for objects but I didn’t get inspired. So I sat in front of the Blender cube and suddenly found myself building a Pyramid…

I’m terrible when it comes to art, I’m trying to improve so I can in the future create small assets for my games, so don’t be harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried Cycles but it created yellow shadows and I don’t know how to fix it :frowning:


Welcome, great entry!

Did you know that building a pyramid is one of the first challenges … so you have a head start :wink:

Blender Eevee and Cycles are very different and difficult to compare. Eevee is for speed but less accurate in shadow and lighting. Use cycles for realism. But both will be explained.

Have fun!


Great palm trees and pyramid.

As has been mentioned very soon you will have a lecture on making a pyramid. It will be interesting for you to see if it is done differently.

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