Section 1 - Lecture 13 - Bookshelf

My first go. Not too thrilled by the lighting, but subsequent edits made it seem wrong (i.e. shadows were not correct, etc.) Still, very excited to see what I can do in the forthcoming sections and beyond!

The books were all individually created in varying sizes and then eventually duplicated. Each one has two boxes, one for the bindings and an interior (slightly larger) one for the pages. I tried to put Suzanne up there with a metallic look and a spotlight on her… not quite what I had envisioned, baby steps haha.


I agree the lighting could be better. Great eye for seeing that but other than that awesome job! It looks really good. If you have time I would challenge you to try and improve the lighting.

A good room for this early stage. More will be covered on lighting as you go though the course.

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