Section 1, Lecture 11 - End of section challenge

Finished the End of Section challenge – here’s my “work”:

Focused on the interface and not so much on the objects. Although, it’s aways fun to stack things in 3D that are nigh-impossible in real life. I “discovered” that the 3D cursor not only can be put on a surface, it can be placed on a corner (to the vertices, I guess) and the pivot of selected objects can be changed, so that the 3D Cursor can be the pivot point. Made short work of aligning and rotating the objects.

My layout has 5 windows – the “fifth” one is the tools tab. Just scrunched it so that only the tab is visible and got rid (hide) the bottom menu bar. And the “transform” & other tools can be done the same way on the right side (although a bit of that 3d editor window has to show through).

One thing, if you look at the name I’ve given this layout it has a series of 6 numbers. This is when I’m working on a series of things, I append this number at the end so that even when the window is sorted out by name, the newest file will alway be at the bottom (or top depending on if your names are listed in defending or ascending order). The number sequence is Year-Month-Date. So 160912 is the 12th of September. I’ve found that saving incrementally using this schema helps in organizing my work and allows me go “go back” to an earlier version with little fuss.

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