Section 1 Lecture 11 Challenge

I had a LOT of fun with this one. I’m not even ashamed to admit how excited I was to do something so basic. (I really liked messing around with building blocks as a kid so I think this challenge called out that inner child in me.) So I ended up making a sort of Sentry Gun, nothing complex, though initially I was going to base it off of Team Fortress 2’s Sentry Gun model, just because I could remember it easily and I simply love TF2. Didn’t come out like that but hey, I still liked it all the same.

In addition, I learned how to better use the snap feature (Not only to manipulate the cursor but to also better center objects) and to copy existing objects or a group of objects (In this case, I used it to copy both the turret gun and rocket launcher arms.) I also included a back view… only because this was turned around. However I did save these cameras as a preset in case I required a multi-perspective view on given objects, which I can certainly see it being helpful.

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