Section 1 - final challenge

Tried my hand at the section 1 final challenge with a toy train scene! Tried my best but I’d love some feedback and constructive criticism



Very good challenge. It shows you have some experience.
Just continue with the lessons. There is much more to discover.

Maybe bevel the wooden bridge, add some bump/height maps.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m really excited to learn more : )

Welcome to this site.

A very good child’s toy train set.
Some of the bevels on the train could do with the normals auto smooth angle increasing they still look faceted. The connector’s material may need metalic turning on in the node.
Clearly not exactly a complete beginner.

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This looks great, reminds me of the trainset I had as a kid!

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Love it! Good work!

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Good One.

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This would be a great style for a game!

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