Hello all

My name is Petri and I come from Finland.

Here is my section 1 final challenge project that I like to call “Wiener”. Please feel free to give some feedback.

I used legendary BRIO Dachshund toy as a refrence and just a googled image of a firehydrant. The tree I just added as quick add on at the end, as the picture did not look right without anything on the background, I think it adds depth to the pic.

I have never done 3D-modelling before. I wanted to start it at a tender age of 38, because I dreaming about changing my field of work. I currently work in sales, but see my passion being in a more creative field.

Oh yeah, I had some difficulties with snapping when I tried to connect the cones in the dogs body. I could not get them to connect both pieces centrally, instead other cylinders edge kept connecting to other cylinders center point of the face. If you have tips for me on that, I would appreciate.

Super stoked about this course and cant wait to learn more!!


Welcome Petri,

That’s a really cool looking scene :slight_smile:


Welcome to this site.

Great looking simple shapes scene.
Snapping can be tricky. I find having your cursor close to the vertex you want to snap to something else, before starting pressing G for grab, helps as it snaps related to where the cursor is.


this is great it give me a vice of a stop motion kids show i used to watch as a kid i dont remember its name but god damn it its giving me that vibe its amazing


Fine entry.
Don’t make it too difficult for yourself.
You just started a great but long learning journey.
And not all questions can be answered immediately, just follow the course.
Do the challenges, and show us your progress.


Nifty, gives me very claymation-y vibes :smiley:

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