Section 1 Final Challenge: Water Wheel

I decided to create an undershot water wheel for my section 1 final challenge. Though this doesn’t contain the entirety of the mechanism of a water wheel, it shows the general function and two major gears for the operation of the wheel. I am particularly proud of both the crown gear (the larger gear) and the lantern gears (the gears on the axel). Overall I feel like even for a final challenge, I could have done better, but it’s a solid creation nonetheless. I also went out of my way to learn how to make hollow cylinders to make the actual hollow cylinders and solidify them to make the actual water wheel frame. So I did go outside of the course to learn about that little bit of blender and technically goes outside the given boundaries of the challenge, but I enjoyed learning the process none the less


Very good looking mechanism. Later you can add bones and animate it!


Great subject, nice technical insight into the inner workings of a watermill.

It is no problem to deviate from the course and find solutions on your own. We all do that.
But somethings in the course will be explained in a more logical sequence.
Or in a more efficient way to do things. Hours busy to accomplish something.
With more Blender knowledge, some minutes.

Have fun, show us more of this interesting subject.


I love all the detail that you have put into this :slight_smile:

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After looking at everyone else’s project, I was inspired to make a small scene as well. In short, it’s a small magical altar scene that I decided to make inspired by Dungeon & Dragons maps and the like. It’s a small thing to help me sharpen my skill, especially with primitive objects in blender.


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