Section 1 Final Challenge - Mongolian yurt


Well done, especially for the just the first section! I have been in a few yurts in my day, and you captured the structure perfectly. Did you use a source image?


Thanks! Yes, I used this reference image:

I have a game idea for a life/walking/horse riding simulator set in the central or eastern steppes. Hope it works out :stuck_out_tongue:

Good basic model.

One I made earlier. :rofl:

(Probably 15 or more years ago. A leftover spare, somehow hangs about my computer area. Terribly grubby tarnished photo by bad room light, useless photo.)

No idea if ‘Mongolian’ style, or some other similar area.


Super cool! Printed?

Nooo. Not even invented back then I guess. Hand carved in wax, lost wax cast in silver then hand cleaned up textured etc. Original then used to make a mould for multiple waxes so several can be made. It is a little box, the top comes off as a lid. Standard production method. Old proper way, before computing. lol.

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