Section 1 - Final Challenge : Little House

Final render to complete Section 1. Lots of primitives! Only manipulating vertices to get the points on the picket fences and the fir trees. Naming, naming, naming made the whole project very easy to manage. To keep the cartoony/minimalist style I had to reduce the amount of times light bounces to keep the green objects from reflecting on the lighter colours (if you need this Render Tab > Light Paths > Max Bounces > Total). Really enjoyed making this simple little scene!


A great simple scene it is too.

Welcome to this site.
You put this in the talk section, best and more likely seen in the show section.

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As a first timer, it’s beauty!
You spend a lot of time in small details and even tweaked to light bounces. Not many student will try this.
So you understand Blender mechanics very well.

Great performance :+1: