Section 1 Final Challenge - Lego car

Found this Lego car, so what’s better than block modelling something that’s VERY blocky :slight_smile:
Lego Car

My first try came out like this. It’s missing a lot, like the lights, transparent windows, rims with cutouts etc. I should probably have googled how to do that, but I’m trying to follow the “don’t go too advanced at first”-tip that Mike gave us. I know I’ve fallen into that trap before.

Hopefully, though, I will be able to make the model closer and closer to the picture as the course goes on.

Good luck, everyone!


Looking good. However, the studs should be a little bigger, and I’d recommend applying smooth shading with auto smooth.


The studs are actually ALL wrong :slight_smile:
I’ll tell you a secret; I messed up, so those on the roof of the car is not the same size as those on the body. :smiley:

And yeah, I actually forgot about smoothing. That I SHOULD have done.


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